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Boo, we died.

It's mostly a minor rant. Nothing major.

I'll write just about anything, no biggie. The only time I've had an issue, is if I've gone from writing gay hancest, to het incest. *blinks* Yes, Even the hancest fans had an issue with me writing about a Hanson and one of their sisters. I think I wrote one about one with their mom [it was a dare, to see if I could write it. It felt weird to write. It was deleted shortly after I sent it to said person]. Not the point.

Of all the arguments between it, it was just amusing, yet confusing to me.

Poll #3

Here's a question I have for everyone.  We've all started reading a fic before and immedietely stop reading before we even get to the end of the first chapter.  What makes you stop reading?

Poll #1429461 Poll #3

What is the main reason why you stop reading a fic?

Poor grammar.
Plot is overused.
Characters are boring and not well developed.
Just couldn't get into it.
Other (please comment and tell us your reasoning.)

Random Questionaire #2

Since the community has been a little quiet lately, I decided to do something about it.
Here's a survey meme of sorts. PLEASE REPLY IN A COMMENT. Do NOT create a new post with your answers. (Although, if this survey sparks a new rant then by all means, post away!)
If you want, include links in your responses so others can see what you're talking about. Ok, here it is:

1. Name your favorite and/or least favorite fic right now and why:

2. What is the angsty-est fic you've ever read?

3. What is the funniest or most humorous fic you've ever read?

4. Smuttiest?

5. Fluffiest?

6. Which fic frustrates you the most?

7. Out of Isaac, Taylor, or Zac, who do you HATE writing about?

8. What character do you think you're the WORST at portraying (Hanson bro, OMC, OFC, etc)?

Random Questionaire

Poll #1420335 Random Questionaire

What annoys you most about writing fanfic?

Lack of readers for your particular fandom
Going through cases of writer's block
Lack of feedback
Trying to write something unique/different
Creating an interesting plot
Developing characters
High Kick!
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Just gotta say it

First... great idea for a community. Second.... this rant is not directed at one story/author/site. This is a general rant being throuwn out to all you fine people.

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Howdy hey, what a fabulous idea for a community :)

My rant is ... why does it seem the most mundane, practically all the same, stories get the most comments, when those who actually have a different plot than the typical 'mary sue/gary stu' stories get practically nothing?

As a writer, I try to write other things than the typical [[unless I'm doing a gift fic and that's what they want]], and it feels as though no one is interested in them because they're 'weird'.

My other problem is I run out of ideas or know where I want to go, but not how to get there, and so I ask my readers to give me ideas, only for them to be all. 'wtf, you're the writer'

Feels good to get that off my chest.


Okay, can I just say how completely sick and tired I am of seeing writers practically begging for people to comment their LJ and/or sign their guest books? Really, if anyone actually liked your story enough to leave you a comment, then they would do it without you having to beg for it! I’ve even seen someone who constantly “threatens” readers by saying they will no longer update their story or LJ unless they receive feedback. Ummm, hello people!? You’re probably doing everyone a FAVOR by not updating. Get over yourselves.

So Mod...

Uh yeah, this is your typical every day mod post about this brand spanking new community. Basically, what we've decided to do is create a community where fans and writers of Hanfic can come and discuss err rant about what irks them on a daily basis whether it be...
- about bad Hanfic
- spelling and grammar idiocies
- annoying things other writers are doing
- trends that are ridiculous
- stories that make absolutely no sense
- people who think they're writers
- ETC.

Anything goes so long as you respect your mods and everyone else within this community. Also, it wouldn't hurt to read the rules because if you disobey them, youuuuu're outta here dude! Ha! Just have fun and let it out.