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hanficrants's Journal

Hanfic Rants
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A place where fans and writers of Hanfic can come to rant & rave!
1. Read these rules and obey them. This is a RANT community and to avoid chaos this must be done.

2. If your post is long, we require you to use an lj-cut.

3. Community/journal/website promotions are NOT allowed.

4. Please do not make separate posts to reply to someone's post. Keep your comments to that post.

5. There is to be no posting quotes or links to bad fanfiction without an accompanying rant. We want your rant to actually have some gurth to it. If it's only a few lines long (or hardly even a sentence!), then don't post at all.

6. Do NOT post entire Hanfics in the community for the purpose of mockery. You may post snippets, however.

7. Don't disable, freeze, screen, or delete comments (including your own, unless you're just deleting & reposting to fix a minor error like broken code). Don't delete your own posts or edit them to remove or alter the original text. If you believe something needs to be taken down, contact a moderator.

8. Do NOT try to cause community-wide chaos coercing the other members into a mob to sic on someone. Violators will be banned if they are caught doing this.

9. Please do not outright say you hate something and completely bash on a particular author for no good reason as it is rude and this community is for pure enjoyment. Keep it peaceful.

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